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NFPA 70E - A Users Guide to Electrical PPE

This training course was adapted from the booklet A User's Guide to Electrical PPE, Based on NFPA 70E written by Ray A. Jones and Jane G. Jones and presented with permission from Jones and Bartlett Publishers.  It consists of 5 modules, including Introduction to Electrical PPE, Protection from Shock and Electrocution, Protection from Arc Flash, Protection from Arc Blast, and General Protection from Electrical Injuries.  The focus is on selection and use of PPE. 

Learning Objectives

This NFPA 70E Electrical PPE safety course will teach you about hazard and risk analysis. The course goes into the definition of PPE, PPE ratings and various PPE uses, as well as industry certifications, approvals and injury relationships. Applicable OSHA requirements and strategies for acquiring PPE are also discussed.